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Time Clock Time Format

This small article explains how to change the time format of your company time clock between the 12hs time format (i.e.: 04:00 PM) to the 24hs time format (i.e.: 16:00). As any other feature, you select it from the company details from your administrative portal. After selecting your preferred format, all your company time clocks will be automatically updated to visualize the employee punches in the selected time format. Time Format Feature Selection The company time clocks will display the selected time format as shown below. See screenshots. 12hs Time Format 24hs Time Format Note: The time format feature will not affect the fixed time format for reports. Click to start a free trial on Emplotime

Report extra info when clocking

Emplotime allows employees to report extra information like Location and Notes When clocking In or Out. You can select one or both of these options from the "Additional Settings" tab, inside the Company Details area within the Emplotime Administrator Portal . NOTE: Location has evolved to Geolocation feature. The information related to locations in this article is not longer relevant. For more information related to the new geolocation feature, read the new Emplotime Geolocation article . Locations: By selecting this option, the employee will be prompted to choose from the locations list after clocking In, but of course, you will first need to enter some locations. The "Manage Location" button will allow you to add or remove locations easily. After selecting the Locations feature and adding some locations, your employee will be able to report from which location he is going to work. This information will be provided by the employee from the Emplo

Choosing the right solution for time and attendance

After reading this article you should be able to choose the right solution for your company. First of all you need to understand exactly what do you need and what are the solutions the market provides nowadays. The world has tried to automate the data collection for tracking the employee working hours for about 130 years with a certain success. Starting with the early mechanic time clock where the employee had to insert his paper card into the machine to get it time-stamped. Mechanic time clock in a London's museum Today we have a vast variety of solutions that may provide a similar result on keeping track of employee's work hours. So, the first step towards the selection of the correct solution for you, could be remove all the unwanted old techniques that for sure won't be good for anyone, no matter the company size, budget, etc. This is the list that you must avoid no matter what: Punch card machine.                               Aged, Not reliable. Pap

Avoid Buddy Punching

What is buddy punch? We're not talking about punching a friend here. Buddy punch is when  an employee at work clocks in ("punches in") their friend when their friend is late to work. In the following article, we'll show how to avoid buddy punching.  By default, emplotime offers an open list on the virtual clock where the employee selects itself in order to clock in or out.  After checking the buddy punch lockout feature, the virtual clock will still display the employees open list, but, after the employee selects itself and clocks In/Out, he will be prompted to enter his 4 digit pin code.  How to activate the "Buddy Punch Lockout"? In order to activate the "Buddy Punch Lockout" feature, you will need to login to your emplotime administrator portal  and click on "Company Details", then, under additional settings check the "Buddy Punch Lockout" checkbox and click Save. From this time forward

Authorize Time Clock Use

If you already have your Emplotime account , you already know the "Authorize Clock Here" button, which allows you to authorize or cancel the time clock within the same PC/device you're logged in. Until now, it was the only way for authorizing/canceling the virtual clock. Of course, that, in order to follow this procedure, the administrator needs to be present, and this, could be an issue in some cases where the administrator works in a location, different from the one where the clock needs to be authorized. Recently, we have introduced two interesting features which may be essentials for some companies. These features come handy when it is needed to authorize or cancel distributed time clocks. The first feature provides the possibility to remove all the clocks the company have set so far. (see the "Reset All" button in the upper image). Lets say, you have set some clocks on different locations and you want to prevent the employees of entering or clock

Emplotime - How it works?

The best time and attendance web application for small business has arrived.  It is not only the best but also the least expensive, having a cost of 8 us dollars per employee PER YEAR, much less than other competitors. Technologically speaking, is one of the most advanced web applications also, using advanced platforms such as 4.5, SignalR 2.0 to provide the real time notification, Bootstrap 3 which offers a nice and top of the art UI which is also extremely user friendly.  Emplotime consists of two basic parts; The emplotime clock, where the employees report the arrival and leave.  This page is very simple. The employee has no need to log in or out. He just select his name and tap or click In or Out.  This page can be set to be used from any PC, tablet or mobile device. The administrator decides from which PC's the employees will be able of using the time clock.  The Best Web Time and Attendance for small business! Visit the EmploTime Demo Clock