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Choosing the right solution for time and attendance

After reading this article you should be able to choose the right solution for your company. First of all you need to understand exactly what do you need and what are the solutions the market provides nowadays. The world has tried to automate the data collection for tracking the employee working hours for about 130 years with a certain success. Starting with the early mechanic time clock where the employee had to insert his paper card into the machine to get it time-stamped. Mechanic time clock in a London's museum Today we have a vast variety of solutions that may provide a similar result on keeping track of employee's work hours. So, the first step towards the selection of the correct solution for you, could be remove all the unwanted old techniques that for sure won't be good for anyone, no matter the company size, budget, etc. This is the list that you must avoid no matter what: Punch card machine.                               Aged, Not reliable. Pap