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Rounding to nearest minute

The rounding to nearest attendance feature, allows the administrator to obtain reports with rounded transactions and totals, to the nearest minute selected; it will be 5, 10, or 15 minutes. In order to apply this feature, select it from the "Additional Settings" within Company Details. See screenshot below. Round to nearest 15 minutes After selecting this feature, all reports will be printed out with the selected rounding. Check the transactions below to see how will be outputted without and with rounding selection, No rounding selected Rounding to nearest 15 minutes selected

Attendance Project Feature

One of the biggest features just released on Emplotime version 3.4 is the Project Feature. After activating this feature, the employee will be able to report the project in which he is working on. So this will allows the administrator to print out detailed information of an employee working on different duties. In this short article, I will explain in three steps, the full flow from activating projects on Emplotime to print out the "By projects reports": STEP 1: Activate And Manage Projects STEP 2: How Employee Reports His Duties STEP 3: How Administrator Obtain This Info ...And now in detail STEP 1: Activate And Manage Projects Enter your  administrator portal , click on Company Details button and check the Manage Projects checkbox. See screenshot below. Then, click on the "Manage Projects" blue button and add the company projects/jobs/duties. See screenshot below. STEP 2: How Employee Reports His Duties Since the administrator se