Emplotime iPhone or iPad App

As an administrator, you are able to access your administrator portal from your iPhone mobile device. In order to use Emplotime as a standard app, you first need to open "Safari" browser, and go to https://www.emplotime.com , then click on login and click on the share button of the safari browser (rectangle with an arrow pointing upward), finally click on "Add to home screen" to save the Emplotime icon just like any other app.
The same process can be used to add the Emplotime Clock as an application for the employees.
Let's see now, step by step, how you can achieve this easily...

Step 1: Open Emplotime in Safari

Open Safari app and browse to Emplotime at
https://www.emplotime.com/ , then tap login and click on the share button. see screenshot below.

Step 2: Add to Home Screen

Search for the "Add to Home Screen" button and tap on it. The Emplotime icon will show up on your iPhone or iPad now!

Step 3: Open the Emplotime App

That's it! you can now open the Emplotime app and login to your portal.

Emplotime App

Login Page

Administrator Portal

Enjoy Emplotime on your iPhone

Check out the following explanatory video to see how you do it on your iPad...

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