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Night shifts overnight reports

We are already working  on the Emplotime version 3.3 which apparently will include Projects and Exception Reports, however, in the meantime we have released a small version. The version 3.2 recently released is packed with some goodies related to employee working hours reports. This new feature is going to be very handy for those companies having employees working overnight. The filter reports now includes the possibility to check the "Enforce Overnight" checkbox. By selecting this checkbox, the output report will maintain the whole transaction within the same day. (Preventing of getting it separated in two different days).

For example, if Tom clocked In on Wednesday at 10:00 PM, and clocked out at 05:00 AM in the following day, the entire transaction will be recorded for Wednesday.

Choose the features for our next version!

We are providing all our customers the possibility to choose which of the features they will want to see coming out in our next version 3.2

We would like you to be part on the decision of our next features to be implemented on our time clock version 3.2

These are the following features we think you will be interested for our next version:

Exception Reports: With this feature you will be able to see and print information about employees arriving late for work or going home early as an example.

Projects: This feature will allow to create a bunch of projects. The employee will be able to choose from this list when clocking out, in order to inform on what project he is working. Later on, you as the manager or administrator will be able to run reports based on working projects.

Spanish Translation: For our spanish speaker customers we might implement the complete translation of our site to spanish.

Other: You may specify a particular feature youare interested for our next version.

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How to obtain reports for payroll purposes

The emplotime version 3.1 provides the possibility to print and export all the time and attendance system reports with decimal output.

In order to do this, select the wanted report from the administrator page, set the filter report and run it.

Remember to select the Decimal Output checkbox in order to see all the report's total on decimal expression.

Then, you could export the report to excel for further calculations or to be used by an external payroll system.

Absence Management

Wouldn't it be nice to obtain employee attendance reports containing all the information of the PTO or employee absence on it? Well...Emplotime has just released its Version 3.0 which includes these fantastic and complete reports. From now on, the manager can manage PTO or employee's absence and print out or export this information for payroll purposes as an example.
In order to activate this feature, within the Emplotime Administrator Portal, go to Company Details --> Additional Settings and select the PTO management checkbox. See image below.

After selecting this feature, you will see a new "PTO Management" button when selecting an employee table row.

Now, you can click this PTO management button to add PTO or absence days to the given employee. See image below.

This absence information will be outputted to all the employee reports. See report sample image below.

Whatch the self-explanotory video below!

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Add Notes to Employee tracking time

Today, we have released the Emplotime Version 2.9
This version includes an extension to the "notes feature".
Until now the employee was able to provide a short job description (up to 50 char) when clocking Out.
In this version, the administrator may also see and update these notes from the administrative portal.
In addition, if also the checkbox "Only for Admin" is selected, then, the notes will be for administrative purposes allowing only the managers to provide notes for any given transaction. See screenshot below.

In order to add notes from the administrator portal, you first need to select the "Notes" feature and also the checkbox "Only for Admin" in case you want to avoid the popup "note" window from the Clock page.