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Authorize Time Clock Use

If you already have your Emplotime account , you already know the "Authorize Clock Here" button, which allows you to authorize or cancel the time clock within the same PC/device you're logged in. Until now, it was the only way for authorizing/canceling the virtual clock. Of course, that, in order to follow this procedure, the administrator needs to be present, and this, could be an issue in some cases where the administrator works in a location, different from the one where the clock needs to be authorized. Recently, we have introduced two interesting features which may be essentials for some companies. These features come handy when it is needed to authorize or cancel distributed time clocks. The first feature provides the possibility to remove all the clocks the company have set so far. (see the "Reset All" button in the upper image). Lets say, you have set some clocks on different locations and you want to prevent the employees of entering or clock