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Emplotime - How it works?

The best time and attendance web application for small business has arrived.  It is not only the best but also the least expensive, having a cost of 8 us dollars per employee PER YEAR, much less than other competitors. Technologically speaking, is one of the most advanced web applications also, using advanced platforms such as 4.5, SignalR 2.0 to provide the real time notification, Bootstrap 3 which offers a nice and top of the art UI which is also extremely user friendly.  Emplotime consists of two basic parts; The emplotime clock, where the employees report the arrival and leave.  This page is very simple. The employee has no need to log in or out. He just select his name and tap or click In or Out.  This page can be set to be used from any PC, tablet or mobile device. The administrator decides from which PC's the employees will be able of using the time clock.  The Best Web Time and Attendance for small business! Visit the EmploTime Demo Clock